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Rolled Sod: Is It Required?

Rolled Sod: Is It Required?

If you’ve looked into the process of laying sod, you’ve probably come across rolled sod. But is it really worth it? Is rolled sod required?

We get it. Laying sod is a huge project, and if there’s a step that can be simplified, it’s something that you want to consider.

However, as sod experts, we’re here to say that rolled sod is definitely something that you will want to prioritize when preparing for this project. Let’s take a look at the impact that rolled sod can have on your finished product!

What Rolled Sod Can Do

One of the most important parts of laying sod is ensuring that it’s been laid in a way so that it can easily take root. If you lay it and it’s not able to root, it will quickly die, and then all of that hard work will be for nothing (and nobody wants that!)

Rolling your sod is what really makes the magic happen. It will help your sod come into better contact with the roots, allowing it to begin the process of growing and becoming more established.

Another big reason to consider rolling your sod is that this is what eliminates any air pockets that might be hiding under your sod. These make it difficult for your sod to take root, making it even more important that you take the time to roll it out.

How to Roll Your Sod

When it comes to rolling your sod, all you need is a sod roller. You can rent this from your local hardware store. Once you’ve laid your sod, you’ll fill the sod roller with water. Maintain a grid pattern as you roll your sod.

It’s recommended that you do this process twice, just to make sure you didn’t miss any spots.

Caring For New Sod

Once your new sod has been laid and rolled, you will want to make sure you get it on a strict watering schedule. Along with properly rolling the side, properly watering it is going to work wonders with ensuring that it takes root and flourishes.

For the first two weeks, you’ll water your lawn three to four times per day. Do this in 10 to 15 minute intervals. After those first two weeks, start slowly cutting back each day until you are watering your lawn two to three times per week.

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