Did you know that most new sod is exempt from watering restrictions for 6 weeks after installation? Call today to find out more!

Monarch Sod

Why Choose MOnarch SOD?

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’re prepping for a beautiful, lush lawn or considering getting sod for your home this spring.Why should you contact Monarch Sod? 

What We Offer - Utah Sod choices

The sod we offer is compatible with Utah’s desert environment, with Kentucky Blue Grass and drought resistant blends that can tolerate our cold winters and hot summers. We partner with homeowners, contractors, farms, and cities to supply high-quality sod and install it within hours for an instant lawn you can enjoy, without putting in all the work yourself!

We offer video instruction on how to measure your area, so we know just how much sod you need. We are happy to come and measure your property for a small fee if you’re concerned about doing it correctly or don’t have the time. Need a fast quote? Visit our homepage to get a quick quote that can include installation.

Utah Sod Choices

Our Services

We sell, deliver, and install high quality sod for residential, commercial, and new construction, all along the Wasatch Front.  More homes and businesses opt to install sod, adding immediate curb appeal with a dark green and healthy lawn. With our fast, easy service, you can have a new lawn this year that transforms your home and adds instant value!

Sod Delivery & Installation

When you order our sod, you can expect freshly harvested product every time.  We place your sod at the curb in front of your property, unless otherwise arranged. If you opt for installation as well, our experts will take the time needed to ensure it’s done right and to your satisfaction. The proper direction and pattern will be determined to make sure your sod is laid tight and will not settle or slide on slopes. 

How Do I Care For My Sod

How do I care for my sod? We can help you!

Want to know when to water your lawn this spring or the best fertilizers to use? Follow our blogs, where we post bi-weekly informative content on everything to do with lawn care. Our categories include lawn care tips, sod growing and installation, Utah sod tips, and more. Come, be part of our sod community and learn new things along the way!

Where can I buy Sod?

We serve Utah, Salt Lake and Davis counties, including Sandy, South Jordan, Salt Lake city, Bountiful and all along the Wasatch Front.  With unparalleled customer service, located in the heart of Silicon Slopes in Lehi, we can serve a good deal of Utah’s population from our sod farm.  Delivered or installed, we have you covered.

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If you’re ready to pull the trigger on a lush new lawn, contact us today! We are prepared to deliver and install sod to your residential, commercial, or new construction property, so get in touch with us and get ready for your new lawn!