Did you know that most new sod is exempt from watering restrictions for 6 weeks after installation? Call today to find out more!


Are you a homeowner in Salem looking to upgrade to a beautiful, lush lawn this spring? Look no further than Monarch Sod! We specialize in sod that thrives in Salem’s unique climate, offering Kentucky Blue Grass and drought-resistant blends perfect for our cold winters and hot summers.


Our Services in Salem

We sell, deliver, and install high-quality sod for residential and commercial properties right here in Salem. Many homeowners and businesses choose Monarch Sod for instant curb appeal with a dark green and healthy lawn. With our quick and efficient sod installation service, you can transform your property and add instant value this year!

Sod delivery & installation

Expect freshly harvested sod with every order. We place your sod in Utah at the curb in front of your property unless you request otherwise. If you choose installation, our experts spend the necessary time to ensure everything is perfect. They’ll determine the best direction and pattern for laying your sod, ensuring it fits tightly and stays put, even on slopes.
Group of workers laying sod on a road.

Measure & quote

The first step in your sod installation project is getting accurate measurements. We provide tips on how to measure properly, and once you have these, contact Monarch Sod for a price quote. We’re here to help you start your sod in Utah project on the right foot.
A person spreading grass seed with a rake, ensuring even distribution for a healthy lawn.

Soil prep

In Salem, proper soil preparation is crucial for your sod’s success. Our team handles soil samples, tilling, leveling, and more. Choose Monarch Sod’s installation service and spend your weekends relaxing instead of doing yard work!

Proper installation

Our team ensures tight joints and no gaps between the sod pieces, using a brick or staggered pattern for optimal results. Your yard’s unique size, shape, and slope are no match for our expertise.

Proper watering

Water your new sod three times a day, for 15 minutes at each station, during the initial 10-14 days. This schedule is vital for root establishment, strengthening, and stabilizing your lawn. If you have questions about watering your new sod, especially with Salem’s weather in mind, call Monarch Sod for advice.
Winter Lawn Care A Person Using A Leaf Blower To Clear Fallen Leaves From A Lawn Covered In Snow

Ongoing care

At Monarch Sod, we commit to helping you maintain your lawn. Check out our blog for articles and tips on caring for your new sod, so you can enjoy a vibrant lawn for years to come.
Steps to Prepare for Sod Installation

Where can I buy sod?

Monarch Sod serves Salem and the surrounding areas. We’re known for our exceptional customer service, and from our base, we efficiently cover a significant portion of the local population. Whether you need sod delivered or installed, we’ve got you covered.

Call Monarch Sod today

Ready for a lush new lawn in Salem? Call Monarch Sod today at 801-980-9757. We’re geared up to deliver and install sod for your residential, commercial, or new construction project. Reach out today and prepare to enjoy your new, beautiful lawn!