Did you know that most new sod is exempt from watering restrictions for 6 weeks after installation? Call today to find out more!

Spanish Fork

Ready to enhance your outdoor area with a lush, vibrant lawn this spring? Monarch Sod is your trusted provider in Spanish Fork! We offer sod varieties like Kentucky Blue Grass and drought-resistant blends designed to thrive in Utah’s diverse climate, from frosty winters to scorching summers.


Our Services in Spanish Fork

We excel in sod sales, delivery, and sod installation for both residential and commercial properties across Spanish Fork. Numerous homeowners and businesses have boosted their property’s curb appeal and value with our robust, healthy grass. Choose our sod installation service this year and see instant enhancements to your space!

Sod delivery & installation

We promise freshly harvested sod in Utah with every order. Whether at your curb or a specified location, our team ensures it’s placed right where it belongs. Opting for our installation service means our experts meticulously plan and execute the sod layout, guaranteeing a perfect fit and stability, even on uneven grounds.
A Man Gently Placing A Piece Of Grass On The Ground

Measure & quote

Your first key step in a sod installation project is obtaining accurate measurements. We provide expert tips for precise measuring, and once done; you should contact Monarch Sod for a detailed price quote. We make sure your sod in Utah project kicks off without a hitch.
Sod Installation and Fertilization: How to Do It Right

Soil prep

The key to successful sod in Spanish Fork lies in the soil preparation. Our skilled team manages everything from soil testing to tilling and leveling. Choose our installation service, and enjoy your free time while we do the heavy lifting!

Proper installation

Our specialists install your sod with exactness, keeping joints tight and avoiding gaps, using a brick or staggered pattern for the best look and stability. Your yard’s distinct size, shape, or slope poses no challenge to our team.

Proper watering

For optimal sod establishment, water it three times daily for 15 minutes each during the initial two weeks. This intensive watering is crucial for strong root development. If you need advice tailored to Spanish Fork’s climate, feel free to call Monarch Sod.
Winter Lawn Care A Person Using A Leaf Blower To Clear Fallen Leaves From A Lawn Covered In Snow

Ongoing care

We at Monarch Sod are dedicated to ensuring you can maintain a stunning lawn. Visit our blog for useful articles and tips on new sod care, keeping your grass lively and thriving for years.

Where can I buy sod?

Monarch Sod serves Spanish Fork and nearby areas with unparalleled customer service. Whether you need sod delivered or installed, we’re equipped to support your landscaping needs.

Call Monarch Sod today

Living in Spanish Fork and dreaming of the perfect lawn? Call Monarch Sod at 801-980-9757. We’re ready to deliver and install sod for your home, business, or new project. Contact us now and get set to enjoy your stunning new lawn!