Did you know that most new sod is exempt from watering restrictions for 6 weeks after installation? Call today to find out more!

Saratoga Springs

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space into a vibrant, thriving lawn this spring? Monarch Sod is your premier sod provider in Saratoga Springs! We offer exceptional varieties such as Kentucky Blue Grass and drought-tolerant grass in Utah, designed to excel in Utah’s extreme climate, from the intense summer heat to the frigid cold of winter.


Our services in Saratoga Springs

Here in Saratoga Springs, Monarch Sod excels in sod sales, delivery, and installation for both residential and commercial settings. Many homeowners and businesses throughout the city have already enhanced their properties with our lush, robust grass. Opt for our sod installation services this season and watch the curb appeal and value of your property soar!

Sod delivery & installation

Each order from Monarch Sod is a promise of freshly harvested sod in Utah County, delivered directly to your chosen site. Our unmatched installation services include a detailed plan and execution of your sod layout by our expert team, ensuring perfect placement and stability across the varied terrains of Saratoga Springs.
A Man Gently Placing A Piece Of Grass On The Ground

Measure & quote

The journey to a perfect lawn begins with precise measurements. At Monarch Sod, we guide you through measuring your area correctly. Once you have your measurements, get in touch with us for an accurate price quote to kickstart your sod in Utah County project without any setbacks.
Sod Installation and Fertilization: How to Do It Right

Soil preparation

The success of your sod in Utah County hinges on proper soil preparation. Our team at Monarch Sod is adept at handling every aspect, from soil testing to tilling and leveling. Choose our installation services and enjoy your leisure time while we take care of the groundwork!

Proper installation

At Monarch Sod, our technicians install your sod meticulously, ensuring tight joints and smooth edges in a brick or staggered pattern for the best visual and functional stability. No matter the unique challenges presented by your Saratoga Springs property’s size, shape, or slope, our team is ready to manage it effectively.

Proper watering

For successful root establishment of your new drought-tolerant grass in Utah, it’s crucial to water it three times a day for 15 minutes during the initial fortnight. This intensive watering schedule is essential for developing strong, resilient roots. For specific guidance tailored to the climate of Saratoga Springs, Monarch Sod is only a phone call away.
Winter Lawn Care A Person Using A Leaf Blower To Clear Fallen Leaves From A Lawn Covered In Snow

Ongoing care

We at Monarch Sod are committed to helping you maintain a magnificent lawn. Our blog offers a treasure trove of helpful articles and tips on nurturing your drought-tolerant grass in Utah, ensuring it remains vibrant and healthy for many years.
Man placing fresh grass sod on soil for new garden.

Where can I purchase sod in Saratoga Springs?

Monarch Sod provides top-tier service throughout Saratoga Springs and its neighboring areas. Whether you require sod delivery or installation, our team is eager to fulfill your landscaping dreams.

Call Monarch Sod today

Are you residing in Saratoga Springs and envisioning the perfect lawn? Reach out to Monarch Sod at 801-980-9757. We stand ready to supply and install premium-quality sod for your home, business, or new development. Contact us now and get ready to be delighted by your spectacular new lawn!