Did you know that most new sod is exempt from watering restrictions for 6 weeks after installation? Call today to find out more!

Eagle Mountain

Are you aiming to turn your outdoor area into a lush, vibrant lawn this season? Monarch Sod is your top sod provider in Eagle Mountain! We specialize in top-tier varieties like Kentucky Blue Grass and drought-tolerant grass in Utah, engineered to thrive in Utah’s extreme weather conditions, from blistering summers to icy winters.


Our services in Eagle Mountain

In Eagle Mountain, Monarch Sod leads in sod sales, delivery, and installation for both residential and commercial environments. Numerous property owners across the area have already boosted their outdoor appeal and increased their property values with our thick, healthy grass. Select our sod installation services this season and see your property transform!

Sod delivery & installation

Every order from Monarch Sod promises freshly harvested sod in Utah, directly delivered to your preferred location. Our unparalleled sod installation services include comprehensive planning and meticulous execution, ensuring your sod fits perfectly and remains stable on the diverse landscapes of Eagle Mountain.
A Man Gently Placing A Piece Of Grass On The Ground

Measure & quote

Achieving the perfect lawn starts with accurate measurements. Monarch Sod provides expert advice on measuring your space correctly. Once you’ve got your measurements, contact us for a detailed price quote to begin your sod in Utah project flawlessly.
Sod Installation and Fertilization: How to Do It Right

Soil preparation

Achieving the best results with sod in Utah starts with thorough soil preparation. Our team at Monarch Sod meticulously handles every step, from soil testing to tilling and leveling. Choose our installation services and enjoy peace of mind as we expertly prepare your site for sodding!

Proper installation

Our skilled technicians at Monarch Sod ensure precise sod installation, achieving tight joints and smooth edges using either a brick or staggered pattern for optimal aesthetic and structural stability. Regardless of the specific challenges posed by your Eagle Mountain property’s terrain, our team is equipped to handle it.

Proper watering

To successfully establish roots in your new drought tolerant grass in Utah, it’s vital to water it three times daily for 15 minutes over the first two weeks. This intense watering regimen is crucial for fostering robust, resilient roots. For advice specific to Eagle Mountain’s climate, Monarch Sod is ready to assist you.
Winter Lawn Care A Person Using A Leaf Blower To Clear Fallen Leaves From A Lawn Covered In Snow

Ongoing care

We at Monarch Sod are dedicated to ensuring your lawn remains stunning. Our blog is packed with valuable tips and articles on caring for your drought-tolerant grass in Utah, helping it stay healthy and vibrant for the long haul.
Man placing fresh grass sod on soil for new garden.

Where can I buy sod in Eagle Mountain?

Monarch Sod offers exceptional service throughout Eagle Mountain and the surrounding areas. Whether you need sod delivered or installed, our team is excited to help you realize your landscaping dreams.

Call Monarch Sod today

Do you live in Eagle Mountain and dream of the perfect lawn? Contact Monarch Sod at 801-980-9757. We are prepared to provide and install premium-quality sod for your home, business, or new construction. Get in touch today and prepare to be amazed by your stunning new lawn!