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Is Sod Installation Expensive?

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If you’re considering a new sod installation, one of your first questions is probably going to be something about how much it costs.

We get it! You want your yard to look amazing, but the thought of replacing all of your grass and getting new sod installed can feel daunting, especially if you’re not sure how much it’s going to cost. 

Don’t stress about it. Let’s talk about what the cost is for installing new sod.

Breaking Down the Costs

While it depends on the kind of sod you choose and how large the area is where you’re installing the sod, it’s safe to say that you’re typically looking at a range of $0.50 and $0.80 per square foot. This depends on whether or not you’re wanting the sod installed.

You will also want to keep the cost of labor and materials in mind. This bumps it up by roughly $0.50 per square foot.

Benefits of New Sod

So what are some of the benefits of getting new sod? There are a number of reasons why you might be considering an upgrade. Whether you’re looking for a more refined, polished look with your lawn or you’re looking for a way to prevent soil erosion, investing in new sod is going to make it happen for you.

Sod Installation Time Frame

While it depends on how large the area is where you’re laying sod, as well as how many people are working on the project, a safe estimate would be roughly 2 hours for every 500 square feet.

You may also wonder when the best time of year is to install sod. While you can make it work just about any season, fall is ideal. It’s cooler without having to deal with frozen soil, and it’s easier to maintain the watering schedule that new sod requires.

Taking Care of Your New Sod

The first watering on your new sod will be the longest. Making sure it’s well-watered is going to make a huge difference. This should last anywhere between 30 and 80 minutes depending on how hot it is outside, as well as what kind of soil you had installed.

For the first two weeks after laying sod, you will need to water it two to four times per day. Start the first watering early in the morning, sometime between six and seven, and then schedule the following waterings at regular intervals after that. Each watering should last about 20 minutes. 

After the initial two-week period, you will want to leave your sod for a day and then start up a less rigid watering schedule. This will ensure that your new sod is getting the essential nutrients that it needs to establish roots.

Monarch Sod for Your Sod Installation

Looking for a helping hand with your sod installation? Monarch Sod is here for you. Servicing individuals in the Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley, we are passionate about giving you the beautiful lawn that you’re dreaming of. Contact us today to get more details on what sod services we have available!

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