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Can I Install Sod Over Rocky Soil?

Can I Install Sod Over Rocky Soil?

Not everyone finds themselves with ideal circumstances for laying sod, and you may find yourself wondering if it’s good to put sod over rocky soil.

Whether you’re taking on the project yourself or paying someone to do it for you, this is a pretty big project, and not one that you want to find yourself doing over again due to bad soil. But what do you do when you find yourself having to work with rocky soil? There has to be a solution, right?


Don’t stress too much about it. With a little extra effort, it’s totally possible to install sod over rocky soil. Take a look at some of our top tips for making it work!

What to Do with Rocky Soil

Installing sod over rocky soil is possible, but you will definitely want to be sure to follow these steps to ensure you’re properly preparing the space to make your sod project a success.

Remove Rocks

First and foremost, remove as many rocks as possible. Start with the big ones and then move on to the nitty-gritty. This may feel tedious, but trust us when we say that it makes a huge difference in how effectively your sod will settle and grow.

Loosen the Soil

Next up, you’ll want to take some time to loosen up that rocky soil as much as possible. Often, rocky soil is also pretty dry and firm, and loosening it up will make a big difference. 

Grab a rototiller, a garden rake, or even a shovel to help get the job done. This is going to be one of the most physically strenuous parts of the project, so go in ready for a workout!

Add Fresh Soil

The next step is to add a generous layer of fresh soil. Putting a good few inches of soil over that rocky soil is going to ensure that your sod has a good foundation to grow on, so don’t skip this step!

Lay the Sod

And the most exciting part of the project, lay your sod! Remember, you’ll want to avoid walking on your lawn so that it can properly set. Two weeks is a good timeframe to keep in mind.

Watering Schedule for New Sod

Keep in mind that newly laid sod needs a little more attention, especially when you’ve installed sod over rocky soil. Your new sod will need to be watered twice a day at 20 minutes per watering for about two months. After that, you can transition to a more regular watering schedule. This is vital for helping your sod to properly thrive!

Monarch Sod Is Here to Save the Day

We understand that installing sod over rocky soil can feel like a pretty intimidating task. That’s where Monarch Sod comes into the picture. Gladly serving those in Utah Valley and the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, we take care of the sod delivery and installation for you, taking all of the stress off your plate and giving you a beautiful yard in return. Contact us today to get more details!var /*99586587347*/

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