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7 Tips for Caring For Your Sod This Winter

7 Tips for Caring For Your Sod This Winter

It’s winter in Utah, and the cold temps and snow have settled in, so it’s essential to know all you can about caring for your sod this winter.

Utah’s winter season can wreak havoc on your yard between the harsh weather and freezing temperatures. If you’re hoping for a green, lush lawn come spring, it’s essential to care for it over the next several months. Thankfully, it won’t require too much time or effort during this busy time of the year.

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7 Tips and Tricks for Caring for Your Sod This Winter

  1. AERATE — Take some time in the early winter season to aerate your lawn. Aerating opens up areas of soil so roots do not become too compact during the colder months.
  2. AVOID MOWING — For the most part, you won’t have to worry about mowing your sod during Utah’s winter season. But, if for some reason you’re considering it, make sure you wait about three to four weeks to mow to allow your sod’s growing cycle to begin.
  3. CLEAR OFF SNOW — Regardless of the season, sod needs oxygen, and a thick layer of snow can prevent that from happening. Because Utah snow can pile up, make sure to spread out any large piles to expedite the melting and drying process. If your lawn is wet for too long, it can begin to get moldy.
  4. FEED WITH FERTILIZER — Grass can become dormant in the winter, so before that happens, make sure to feed your lawn the nutrients it needs with fertilizer. It’ll be the boost your lawn needs just in time for a long winter’s nap.
  5. HAND WATER — You’ve probably winterized your sprinkling system, so you’ll need to use a hose to hand water your sod. Only worry about watering your lawn if the temps are higher than 40° Fahrenheit, and dormant grass only needs about a quarter of an inch of water each week to thrive.
  6. WEED PREVENTION — Apply a layer of pre-emergent herbicide later in the winter season to keep crabgrass and many other weeds out of your lawn while your sod takes root.
  7. LIMIT FOOT TRAFFIC — Putting too much weight on frozen sod can be damaging; this includes walking and running on it. Limit how much foot traffic your yard gets when temperatures drop below freezing.

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