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When’s The Best Time To Lay Sod?

When's The Best Time To Lay Sod? | Monarch Sod

With the holidays past, many are looking forward to spring, and wondering when is the best time to lay sod. 

Whether or not you believe in Punxsutawny Phil’s abilities to predict how close warmer weather is, it’s good to plan ahead. If you’re anxious to get the lush green lawn that is the envy of all your neighbors, keep reading for tips on the ideal time to install your sod.

It Might Not Be What You Think

Contrary to what you might think, fall is actually one of the better times of the year to install new sod. The more mild weather of fall is a great time for the grass to set roots and get a good head start. If fall is the best time to lay sod, then spring is a very close second. 

What Makes it an Ideal Time?

What is it about fall and spring that make them the best times for laying sod? During early- to mid-fall, temperatures have cooled, causing less stress to new young grass. Additionally, there is often more precipitation during this time of year, which may mean less watering for you. One of the main challenges with newly laid sod is preventing it from drying out. The rainy days of autumn are less likely to cause this to happen. While many of us don’t think about planting anything new during the autumn, since it precedes winter and signals the end of the growing period. In actuality, grass does continue to grow, even though the colder months. This gives it plenty of time to become established and healthy before it goes dormant during the winter.

Spring is also a great time due to milder weather, once again. The challenge during this time of year is to make sure to lay sod after all danger of frost has passed. There can be some late freezes here in Utah, so you’ll want to consult the local climate center to determine when these dates might be. Spring allows plenty of time to get your lawn growing before the harsh heat of summer.

Any Time Can Be Possible

Fall and spring are less challenging times for laying sod, but it is certainly possible to lay sod any time of the year. It’s simply important to consider the issues that are present during each season. For example, in the middle of summer, it will take a great deal more water, much more frequently and consistently, to keep new sod hydrated. For newly laid sod, you may need to water as much as three times per day, to keep the sod from drying out. The heat of the summer sun also causes a lot of stress for the grass, making it difficult to get good roots growing. 

Monarch Sod Can Help in Any Season

No matter when you decide the best time to lay the sod is for you, Monarch Sod is ready to help. We have Utah’s finest blends of Kentucky Bluegrass and Drought Resistant sods, and we will make the process easy for you. Whether you need installation or sod delivery, give us a call at (801)-390-5927. We deliver and install in American Fork, Lehi, Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, or wherever you need along the Wasatch Front. Contact us today to get started! 

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