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What Do I Do After Sod Is Laid?


If you’ve never installed sod before, it can be difficult to know what you should do after the sod is laid. 

It’s crucial to care for your sod right after it’s been installed, but what steps should you take? Keep reading to find out. 

Deeply Water the Sod

Immediately after installation your sod needs to be watered deeply, meaning all the sod needs to be totally soaked within 30 minutes. Ideally, you’ll want the sod to be drenched up to six inches deep without being so wet that your foot or hand completely sinks into it when pressed. You’ll know the sod is too wet if footprints are left behind when you walk on it. After soaking your sod, you’ll want to give it at least an inch of water everyday for the first two weeks to keep it from drying out. After that you can begin to water more infrequently. 

Roll the Sod

This step may be optional depending on how level the soil is before the sod is laid. Rolling the sod presses it down into the ground and helps to eliminate gaps and pockets, making the sod flatter and more even. It also encourages the sod to take root in the soil, decreasing the chance that your sod will fail to bond. It’s imperative that you roll the sod carefully and only go over it once, as over-rolling will counterintuitively damage the sod.   

Avoid Fertilizing too Early

Avoid fertilizing your sod until it is fully rooted in the soil and begins to actively grow. Fertilizing your soil too soon can harm or even kill your grass due to the intense direct exposure. Additionally, it’s best to avoid applying any pesticides to your sod before it has fully taken root. Instead pull any pesky weeds out gently by hand to avoid obstructing the seeding process.   

Mow Tentatively

Wait to mow your lawn until after it has developed a root system. If your lawn is actively growing, this should be about three weeks after the sod has been laid. As a rule, you’ll never want to mow off more than ⅓ of your grass’s blade to avoid damaging the grass blade itself. This means that you’ll want to mow high if you mow your own lawn, or request that your lawn be mowed high if you use a professional mowing service. Make sure to use a sharp blade when mowing so that your lawn will grow faster and stronger. 

Let Monarch Sod Help

The period of time right after sod is laid can be sensitive and will determine whether or not your sod will successfully take root. Rather than going at it alone, why not get expert help and contact Monarch Sod today. We are industry experts, so we know how to install and care for your sod correctly the first time. Take the guesswork out of installing your sod and call Monarch Sod to get your free quote, we serve Utah and Salt Lake counties in the beautiful state of Utah. var /*99586587347*/

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