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Top Summer Lawn Care Tips

Top Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer lawn care can easily feel like a chore, especially in the summer heat when you’d rather be inside with a popsicle in hand. But it’s not as hard as you might think it is. With the right tips, you can make summer lawn care a breeze and get back to the pool in no time! It’s all about knowing what to do. With some expert guidance, you’ll have the summer lawn you’ve always wanted. 

If you haven’t already guessed, today’s blog is all about summer lawn care tips. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to care for your lawn this summer. 

Early Summer Lawn Care Tips

We recommend thinking about summer lawn care in phases: early summer, mid-summer, and late summer. If you take the proper steps to care for your lawn in the early summer, it will be easier to maintain as the temperature increases. 

Here’s what we recommend doing in early summer:

  • Fertilize your lawn to support healthy growth. It’s important to do this in early summer to nurture your lawn.
  • Treat your lawn as needed for summer pests and weeds. Be careful to avoid treating the healthy parts of your lawn. You only want to treat areas that need it, such as areas where there are lots of lawn pests. If you suddenly notice large patches of lawn missing, you likely have an infestation that needs to be treated.
  • Keep your grass high. While it might seem contrary to common sense, keeping your grass high in the early summer will promote moist soil and help the roots grow more deeply. You can even save time mowing by leaving your grass clippings on the lawn. They’ll act as a fertilizer.
  • Water heavily and deeply to help your lawn’s roots grow deeply.

Mid-Summer Lawn Care Tips

Mid-summer is different from early summer since it’s hotter, and warmer temperatures often come with few rain showers. Your lawn is likely to need a bit more TLC than it required in the early summer.

We recommend focusing on the following:

  • Feed and fertilize your lawn as necessary. This depends on your region and the type of grass growing on your lawn. If your grass is warm season, you’ll need fertilizer to keep your grass healthy and dense.
  • Keep your lawn high, and keep your blades sharp. Dull blades can damage your grass and your blades. Focus on warm-season grasses when you mow to prevent scalping; you don’t want to cut cool-season grasses when it’s really hot outside.
  • You’ll want to water often enough that your grass gets an inch of water every week while following local watering regulations. 

Late Summer Lawn Care Tips

Caring for your lawn as summer winds down might look different than in the early summer. We recommend doing the following:

  • Avoid fertilizing later in the season. It’s better to fertilize in the late spring or late fall, as this will strengthen your roots and feed your lawn nitrogen.
  • Keep your lawn high. Even in late summer, those roots still need nurturing.
  • Continue to watch for pests.

Summer-Long Watering Tips

You’ll need to regularly water your lawn during the summer, whether it’s early or late in the season. This is because it’s hot and dry, so your soil needs extra help. Your lawn won’t grow without properly-watered soil, and what currently exists will wilt and die. No one wants a brown yard filled with weeds and lawn pests. 

Watering your lawn solves this problem! Check with your city to see if there are watering restrictions you need to follow. Of course, if there are, you’ll need to water according to those restrictions, or you’ll risk fines. 

But if you don’t have restrictions, we recommend watering your garden once or twice a week. Instead of lightly sprinkling everywhere with water, a thorough, deep watering is best. 

You can measure how much water you’ve given your lawn by how much time you spend watering it. An hour of watering should give your entire lawn a solid inch of water. To be extra sure, place a small, one-inch container under your sprinkler system. Once it’s full, you are done watering. Then, check your lawn by pushing a dowel or screwdriver into the soil. If your soil is hard, you need more water. If it’s too soft, you need less water. 

It’s always a good idea to water your lawn in the early morning hours before the sun comes out. This allows the water to soak into the soil before the sun comes up and dries out everything. 

If you have a water irrigation system, ensure it’s not overwatering or underwatering. That includes keeping your sprinklers off streets and sidewalks and on your lawn. Change at what time your sprinklers come on, depending on what season it is. 

Pay attention to the rain. You won’t need to water your lawn as often if it rains outside. Doing so anyway could lead to overwatering, which would hurt your yard. 

Monarch Sod

Summer lawn care is all about knowing what to do and when to do it. Properly fertilizing, watering, and mowing your garden will ensure it stays healthy all summer long, providing a wonderful place to play games, have fun, and host company. 

Monarch Sod is here to help you maintain your summer lawn! We are experts in everything sod-related and can teach you how to care for your lawn. We’ll cater our expertise to your lawn’s needs, as every lawn is different and requires unique care. 

Monarch Sod is located in Lehi, Utah, and knows how to care for Utah soil. You can trust us with your lawn care needs! We serve all of Utah and Salt Lake counties, so be sure to reach out to us for your summer lawn care. You can call us at 801.701.8633 or email us at info@monarchsod.com. We look forward to helping you keep your summer lawn healthy! 

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