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Steps to Prepare for Sod Installation

Steps to Prepare for Sod Installation

Preparing the ground for sod installation is an essential step that needs to be taken for the best possible results.

A grassy yard gives the space beauty and color and provides an excellent environment for you and your loved ones to gather together. With the busy schedules we all experience, nobody wants to wait around for the grass seed to fill in. Sod is a great option, but if you want the best outcome for your sod, it is crucial to prepare the soil before anything else. Correctly prepping the ground can help reduce the amount of water your lawn needs by 20 to 30%! Getting your soil ready for sod requires several steps, which we will explore today. 

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5 Important Steps for Preparing for Sod Installation

STEP 1 — Measure the Area

The first step in this process is to measure the area accurately. You can do this process yourself or, if you plan to get your sod professionally installed, most sod installation teams can do this for you. You’ll be able to get a quote after measurements have been taken.

STEP 2 — Soil Preparation

Some people skip this step to save time and money, but it’ll cost you in the long run. Proper soil and ground preparation is crucial to the long-term success of the sod you lay. Failing to get the area ready for sod can cause your newly laid investment. This process involves sampling your soil, tilling, leveling, removing rocks and weeds, and more. If you want to enjoy your weekends, leave the hard work to a trusted professional.

STEP 3 — Add Amendments

If you find that the ground in your yard needs some help, you’ll probably want to consider adding soil amendments. Soil amendments are recycled wood fibers and composted organic mulch added to the ground to prepare the area for your planting needs. It helps strengthen nutrient-poor soils, making them rich and ideal for new sod.

STEP 4 — Install a Watering System

Installing a watering system helps ensure your newly laid sod will survive. Without enough water, your investment will surely die and need to be replaced. Install an automatic watering system unless you want to hand water it or set up a sprinkler with a hose.

STEP 5 — Final Grading and Sod Installation

After the soil prep and sprinkling system installation, a final fine grading should be done. Break up dirt clods and smooth the surface with a landscape rake. Ensure that the soil is one inch below all hardscaped areas. Now your ground is ready for sod!

Contact Monarch Sod for Your Sod Installation

We know that getting your yard ready for sod installation is time-consuming and tedious, and let’s face it — you’d rather be doing other things with the people you love. If you want a lush, beautiful lawn but don’t want to use your precious time prepping for and installing sod yourself, the lawn experts at Monarch Sod are here to help you out! We are located in Lehi, Utah, and are available to help residents and businesses in the Salt Lake and Utah Valley with all of their sod needs. Contact us to learn more today!

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