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Lawn Care Tips After Winter

Lawn Care Tips After Winter

As winter begins to fade and spring is on the horizon, here are some lawn care tips to put into practice. 

While it’s still early in the season, it’s a great time to start putting together a plan for taking care of your lawn after all the winter weather. 

Give It Some Air

Spring is a great time to think about aerating and dethatching. Both help to increase air flow to the lawn, allowing roots to breathe and creating stronger plants. Aerating takes plugs out of the lawn, which allows better access for any fertilizer or water you add afterwards. Dethatching helps to remove all the old dead growth from the grass, helping the new plants to grow. 

Keep Your Lawn Clean

One of the best lawn care tips is to take the time to do a little clean up, especially after all the harsh winter weather. Gently rake through your lawn to clean up any leaves, twigs, or other debris. In places like Utah, where there has been snowfall, it’s important to keep an eye out for issues like snow mold. This problem usually crops up when there’s been a heavy snowfall before the ground has completely frozen. You’ll be able to recognize signs of it if you see lighter-colored circular patches in your lawn as the snow melts. These patches are typically matted down and slightly crusty, and can have either a grayish-white cast or a whitish-pink color depending on the presence of gray or pink snow mold. Gently raking through the matted sections will help to loosen the grass, allowing the lawn to dry and new, unaffected grass to grow through.

Feed Your Lawn

Like a hibernating bear, your lawn has been dormant all winter, and it’s time to feed it! Spring is a crucial time to make sure you get some nutrients into the soil. You can help wake up your brown lawn and get it green in no time by applying a quick-release fertilizer. This type of fertilizer gets down to the roots quickly, so you’ll see things start to turn green in a matter of a few days. Be careful when applying, though, as too much in one spot can burn and kill your grass. You can also opt for a slow-release fertilizer, which will sit on the top of the soil and dissolve over time. This is a great option for continuous energy for your lawn.

Reseed Any Patches

With mild weather, it’s a perfect time to put down seed in any bare patches in the lawn. Moisten the area and scratch up the surface of the soil a little with a rake. Evenly distribute a generous amount of grass seed, then cover with a quarter-inch layer of soil or peat moss. You’ll want to lightly water the area two or three times daily until the new grass emerges.

Look Forward to a Lush, Green Lawn with Monarch Sod

Once you’ve put these lawn care tips into practice, you’ll have a beautiful green lawn in no time. If you still need to add a lawn, get in touch with Monarch Sod. We provide Utah and Salt Lake County with the highest quality sod and service. Contact us today to schedule a sod delivery!var /*99586587347*/

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