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6 Secrets to Maintaining a Luscious Green Lawn

If you have the right kind of grass, keep it well nourished, and keep it properly groomed, you’re going to have a nice lawn. Here are the 6 secrets to help you care for your lawn like a pro.
6 Secrets to Maintaining a Luscious Green Lawn

If you’re determined to have the most beautiful, green lawn in your neighborhood – the one everyone is jealous of – here’s what you need to do.

You may know others who seem to be able to keep their lawns lush and green effortlessly like a Disney princess is about to waltz out singing with a chorus of forest creatures. Well, chances are, it’s not effortless. The real magic is making it look effortless. .

Keeping a beautiful green lawn is not complicated, but it does take research and consistent care. If you have the right kind of grass, keep it well nourished, and keep it properly groomed, you’re going to have a nice lawn. Here are a few secrets to help you care for your lawn like a pro.

1.Lay the Right Sod for Your Climate

One of the mistakes new homeowners often make is choosing a variety of grass they love the look and feel of but not checking that it’s right for the climate in which they live. If you live in a colder climate but have a warm-climate grass like Bermudagrass, chances are you’ll be struggling indefinitely to keep it healthy.

You’ll have the best success if you sod your lawn with a variety that’s well-suited for your area. Ask a local lawn professional for advice on the best varieties where you live.

2.Water at the Right Time

If you live in an area of the country where it’s very humid and has frequent rainfall, you may be confused by advice to water your lawn. This is the reality in most of the Western and inland United States. 

Especially during hot summers and dry conditions, you need to water regularly for a green lawn all summer long; sometimes, this may be every day. Other times it may only be necessary once a week. In general, make sure your lawn roots are dry after one watering before you water again. 

If your sprinklers are on a timer, please remember to turn them off when it’s raining and to turn them back on when it stops.

The timing of your watering is important. It’s ideal to water between 6 and 10 am. During these hours, it will still be cool enough that the water won’t evaporate quickly. Also, watering while the sun is out is the best way to support the process of photosynthesis.

3.Keep It Within a Certain Length

There’s a lot more at stake with mowing than the esthetic of a well-manicured, green lawn. Mowing regularly allows you to keep your grass long enough that each individual plant gets enough sunlight to thrive, but not so long that it harbors pests and blocks sunlight from penetrating to the soil. 

It’s also best to avoid cutting more than one-third of the lawn’s length at a time. Doing more than this interferes with the plants’ ability to produce enough food from sunlight. As a rule of thumb, mow when your grass is 3 to 3 ½ inches tall, and don’t cut it shorter than 2 to 2 ½ inches. If your grass grows quickly, which it should, this may mean mowing once a week or more.

When you’re done mowing, leave the clippings on the lawn. If you’re sticking to the length rule, the clippings should be short enough that they’ll decompose quickly and provide nutrients to your lawn.

4.Don’t Fertilizer Indiscriminately

Applying a general-purpose synthetic fertilizer may give you a nice green lawn in the short term, but it can actually harm the natural nutrient balance of your soil, not to mention cause damage to the environment.

Testing your soil allows you to understand its nutrient profile and what it’s lacking. Then you can focus on only adding what your lawn needs. Fertilizers made specifically for certain soil types can greatly reduce the unintended consequences to your lawn and the environment. Additionally, look into naturally derived soil amendments that will target your lawn’s needs.

You can get your soil tested professionally by most lawn care specialists in your area, or you can buy a home soil testing kit from Lowes or the Home Depot.

5.Dethatch and Aerate Your Sod

In a healthy lawn, grass dies and decomposes fairly quickly, which provides nutrients for your lawn. Sometimes, dead grass and roots can build up among the living blades of grass and prevent oxygen and light from reaching below. This layer is called thatch. The easiest way to deal with this is by gently raking your lawn and pulling it up. 

If the thatch gets thicker than three-quarters of an inch, you may need to aerate your lawn. You can do this with a core aerator that you can rent at your local equipment rental center. Aerating, along with composting, is also a good way to loosen up and add oxygen to compacted clay soil.

6.Replace Dead, Damaged, and Sparse Sod

Sometimes certain areas of your lawn have a harder time than others. This could be because of heavy traffic, less sunlight, poor drainage, or many other reasons. When grass starts to die or becomes sparse, it can give space for weeds to gain a foothold in your lawn.

It’s best to replace these areas and prevent the growth of weeds in the first place. If you’re unclear why the grass died in the first place in this spot, higher a professional to figure it out so the new sod doesn’t end up with the same fate.

For the Best Start to a Green Lawn, Call Monarch Sod

Maintaining a beautiful, green lawn is much easier if you start out the right way.

Monarch Sod has been providing the best commercial and residential lawns along the Wasatch Front for years. We can help by recommending the best varieties and blends for where you live. We will deliver and expertly install your sod and offer lawn care tips. We can even test and prep your soil before laying your sod.
For the best-looking lawn on your block, start by reaching out to Monarch Sod today.

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