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Monarch Sod is a supplier and installation company of high-quality SOD in Utah.


We partner with contractors, farms. cities and homeowners, throughout Utah to provide high-quality sod. We sell and supply high-quality Kentucky Bluegrass Sod in Utah County including Lehi and American Fork. Our great crew is readily available to deliver and install sod on any job throughout Utah.

Get an Instant Lawn

Have the lawn of your dreams overnight when you work with Monarch Sod. Laying sod means going from no lawn to a lush, full lawn in a matter of hours. At Monarch Sod, we use only high-quality sod. Be the envy of your neighbors with the best lawn on the block.


Our experienced crew can handle any installation job. We cover both residential and commercial needs. Whether you want to cover your home’s front lawn, back yard, or your business’s field or lawn—we can handle it! From small yards to large neighborhoods to new company buildings, we’ve seen it all. Get the green, full lawn on your dreams in no time. Laying sod means getting an instant lawn!

Easy SOD Installation

Our crew makes installation easy. Whether it’s commercial or residential, the Monarch crew can handle it. We install our sod with tight joints and no gaps between the sod. If there are gaps left in between sod squares, it leaves a place for weeds to grow. Laying sod tightly in a staggered brick-like pattern makes for the best installation. Freshly cut sod is easier to install and will have a better chance of taking root.


To help your sod take deep root and grow strong, we recommend watering in three times a day for fifteen minutes. This practice should last for about the first two weeks. After your sod has begun to take root, your lawn will need regular lawn care to keep growing healthily.

High Quality SOD

We use only high-quality sod! Utah’s climate can be unpredictable with snowfall throughout the winter (and sometimes in May!) and dry heat through the summer. Because it is a desert climate, Utah can be very dry. We take this into account when choosing sod for our customers. 


Our Kentucky Bluegrass is a hardy blend that does very well through Utah’s cold winter conditions as well as Utah’s hot and dry summers—it’s our most popular choice. We also have other drought-tolerant sod that can help to reduce the amount of water needed to care for your landscape.

Contact Us Today!

Contact Monarch Landscape Services LLC today for high-quality sod in Utah and to get going on your lawn.

Call us at (801) 390-5927 to talk with one of our crew members.

We’ll help you through the process from planning, to choosing sod, to laying it. You’re just a phone call away from a better-looking lawn!

Conserve water by turning off your sprinklers. In light of recent state-wide efforts to reduce water use, Monarch encourages every one of our clients to turn off their irrigation system when it rains.  Please conserve water. Fun Fact: The number one cause of plant failure is overwatering.  

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